About us

Marconi International™ is a Trademark represented on  the European market ever since 1997, we have made it our goal to grow and integrate as a modern, innovative, highly specialized Security Corporation, focusing on close personal protection, to being a highly qualitative and competent leader on the European market. Accomplishing this by building on specialized personnel out of the State sector and Military elite units which integrate their professional experience and know how into our Corporation. Our state of the art equipment is furnished exclusively by known manufactures. We guaranty premium competent security services through the professionalism of our staff, coupled with innovative techniques. We are Market leading in applying the most up to date proven Technology and Concepts in close personal protection. Our goal in the coming years is to be noted on the Stock exchange, in Europe and World wide, to anchor the mark Marconi International™ as a Premium Security Services. Loyalty, Expertise, Professionalism and Discretion are the foundation on which our Corporation without compromise builds on. We deliver Quality Standard, and offer our Premium Services only to serious clients around the globe; and this with unlimited mobility and extraordinary flexibility.

List of manufacturers in which our personnel and clients trust

Zeiss, Leica, Glock, Blaser, 5.11 Tactical, Heckler & Koch, Sony, Blackhawk, Sure fire, Okley, ASP, Kenwood, Phonak, MOD Knives, Gerber, Victorinox, Extrema Ratio, Sig Sauer

Staff – our capital

Every business rises and falls with the quality of its employees. In some branches poor quality or nonprofessional services provided can somehow be accepted, not however in Close Personal Protection or other Professional branches. Therefore is it our obligation to our Clients to furnish only Top qualified, absolutely dependable and competent personnel. For this reason our Staff is under permanent contract which enables us to provide continuous dependable quality.

All potential Staff under go the most thorough of background checks, and have proven beyond any doubt their ability to provide Professional Security Services. With confidence we can provide Staff members to our Clients, should these whish to be included in the selection of Team members. Procedures in regards to employing new Staff and their continual further training are held fest in our Quality-Structured Development Recourses in compliance with our Certified Quality Management after SN EN ISO 9001. We welcome the insight of our Quality Management – Handbook, in which our organizational and structured operating procedures are described to warrant our Premium Services. Every Applicant undergoes a Psychological and Physical tests which are equivalent to the standards of Federal and Special Operations units. Each test must successfully be absolved annually by each of our Close Protection Staff members. Upon integration and verification, our new Staff members follow a continuous training process to further advance our entire Staff. The responsibility for this lies on the Marconi International Training Academy™ which provides the most Innovative of Technical, and decisive Tactical training methods, this ensures a guarantee of Responsive Readiness of the highest standard. We provide exclusively Personnel with Federal or Military backgrounds for Close Protection teams with Special Operations or Executive positions.

Law of Economics

There is hardly anything in this World that somebody can not do a little worse and sell it even cheaper; those who orient themselves only on the price are the rightful prey of such people. It is not clever to pay too much, but it is unwise to pay to little. If you pay too much, you loose some money and that is all. On the other hand if you pay too little, you can sometimes loose everything, because the purchase you made did not fulfill its intended purpose. The law of economics does not allow receiving for little payment a high quality.

Take on the lowest bid and you will have to figure a little extra for the Risk that you take, and if you do that you ought to pay for something better.

John Ruskin (1819-1900)

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